Màn Rán is a collective of independent filmmakers based in New York City who collaborate with each other often enough to build personal connection. We make projects that have a warm undertone and refelect our real thoughts.

Kadi Tsang is an independent filmmaker based in New York. She co-founded Art Avenue Productions, a production company focused on cultural diversity and mental health. 

Over the past years, she has worked on various international films, television shows, music videos, and live performances. Her short films “Red Bean Soup” and “Kung Fu Grandma” have been included in various international film festivals and won multiple awards such as the First Prize at NYU Undergraduate King & Wasserman Award, the Carl Lerner Award for Social Significance at First Run Film Festival, and the Excellence in Narrative Short at Destiny City Film Festival.

Yutong Xie is a designer based in New York : she loves poster design, prints and digital, square and circle, all kinds of it she loves; loves production design for film, drying dead flowers, sewing costumes, taping sketches into a wall piece, light design, all of it; she loves 3D design and building worlds with unity, a free game engine, her first job ever in the city is a game design instructor work with students from 5 to 15 years old; the experience that guided her to publish works online under a real identity and share the importance of art education for all.

Yutong Xie is a Sichuanese. Her hometown is Luzhou, Sichuan, China, a city famous for its hardcore Bai Jiu (is a colorless Chinese liquor typically coming in between 35% and 60% alcohol by volume, each type of baijiu uses its own type of qū for fermentation to create a distinct and characteristic flavor profile) which has a history of since 1573. Now she is a home maker and an internet artist. You can view more of her design via our youtube channel.

Michael Cong is a cinematographer based in New York. He is a passionate experimental filmmaker working with narratives and commercials. Communication and integrity are important to Michael’s filmmaking process. Zhejian Cong is his Chinese Name. Cong come froms Wei Hai, Shan Dong, China. Growing up by the sea in a port city, he is inspired by his home city in northern China and works to document his sincere perspective through camera lens. 

Born in Xinyu and raised in Weihai, China, Michael Zhejian Cong focuses on the common ground where differences converge. His work is often centered around the passengers who are on the verge of leaving or staying somewhere, or with someone. He is writing a fiction on human experiences: people who are on the edge of emotions and does strange things. He thinks of cinema as a form of expression that goes beyond language, and he makes films for the whole universe.


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